Sunday, March 10, 2013

Putting the FUN in Fundraising

Asking people for money is not easy.  I hate asking friends for the $20 they owe me or for the $5 everyone at the office promised to chip in for that other coworker's farewell gift.  So, it might be slightly unnatural that year after year I volunteer myself to ask friends and family to help me raise thousands of dollars.  Except, it's exactly the opposite.  I actually look forward to the opportunity.

To me, being successful at fundraising comes down to one very important thing - being passionate about the cause.  The fact that I think the Alzheimer's Association is an organization worth supporting makes asking for money to support their work much easier.   I also know I could never donate a gift of an equivalent amount, so if I want to help, this is the way I can do so.

However, even once the barrier of being uncomfortable asking for money is broken, fundraising can still be challenging.  I find you get people to support you for any combination of these 3 reasons - 1) they want to support you, 2) they want to support the cause you are raising money for and 3) they will pay for something they want and you can direct the proceeds to your fundraising efforts.

So that was my strategy today.  With the help of my great friend Brenna, I planned a spin-a-thon - a 3 hours spin class that folks could pay to attend, with all proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Association.  Brenna, an Alzheimer's team running buddy temporarily sidelined with some health issues, generously volunteered to teach the class and coordinate the space at the gym where she teaches, Commonwealth Sports Club.  She also recruited many of the attendees, apparently having a huge following of gym members who LOVE taking her classes.  Folks signed up for 1, 2 or 3 hour class options - and 8 participants spun for all 3 hours!  Sweaty and tired afterwards, everyone seemed to have a great time.

We put the FUN in this fundraiser, if I do say so myself.

If you didn't make it to today's fundraiser, you can still make a donation by clicking here.

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